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At Dagenham on the Dorset engine line they would dismantle the injectors, in batches, clean the nozzles and needles in a large ultra sonic cleaner, then reassemble and reset them before fitting them to the engines.

I'm not sure if that was before initial fitting to the engines or after the 'break in' and power test.
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robert's rust
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Interesting to see you are looking to buy an injector pop tester, how many diesel engines do you have? how often do you envisage pulling the injector to change the nozzle or pressure test it? if you have a lot of work for the tester would it not be a sensible idea to buy a decent quality tester, more like 200 for a decent one, a bit different to a 60 ebay job of unknown manufacture,
I have my original CAV injector sitting on the bench ready for servicing but taking into account it's 20 for a nozzle I will send mine off to Peter Slater who will do a good job of cleaning, fitting a new nozzle and doing a pressure test for less than the price of a cheap ebay pop tester,

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