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Default Marine air cooled Lister SL1 colour

I am brand new to this site, so please forgive my ignorance.

I have an air-cooled one cylinder Lister SL1 (7487 SL111) diesel, with the raised hands starting equipment in place. From this site I have learnt that this was built in 1961. It was manufactured in the Dursley plant. This engine has been in my Clausen-built 16' timber clinker hull for a long time, quite possibly for 50 years. The boat was probably built in the 1950's in Adelaide, but has spent much of its life near the grain farming community of Curramulka on Yorke Peninsula. The engine has run well and reliably in the 10 years we have had it, though it is a little noisy for a small open boat. A pin hole leak developed in the fuel tank on a recent trip and that has led me to this site to enquire about original paint colours for what is almost certainly a marine engine. I have had the tank repaired and bead blasted, so I have a fresh canvas to work with, but the rest of the engine also needs cleaning and re-painting.

The other issue is the colour that I should be using to re-paint the engine. Underneath patches of Brunswick Green is a brick red paint layer and under this is predominantly a metallic (hammer finish) light or soft grey, that may have been original. All the Listers I have seen in Australia are in shades of green, but I understand that some of the marine engines may have been painted blue or blue-grey. I have never come across a marine version in Australia. I would be pleased if someone can provide with me with advice on what colours where used and if possible, colour and shade codes.
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More often then not the mid Brunswick green shade was used from the factory for most lister engines so that's probably the best bet however I know that they did "custom" paint jobs for firms who wanted it for example cement mixers tented to be yellow and some milking machines gray so it's what every colour floats your boat
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