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Default Lister B winch on ebay

I spotted this Lister B powered ACE winch on eBay which used to be mine up to about 12 years ago:


If anyone is keeping an eye on it I thought I'd share what I know. My dad bought it as part of a job lot of plant equipment in about 1991 which all came from a plant dealer, along with the Winget roller pan mixer you can see restored in my albums. The winch is an ACE I think of mid 50's vintage but I'm sure you can date it accurately from the engine number. The engine was OK in terms of not being seized and the bearings but I never got around to restoring it partly because the main drive shaft is missing. You can see where the square holes are with the bearing caps. I never found one to copy but it must have some friction material on it to drive the drum. The drive chain and sprocket were with it when I sold it at auction. The arm with the weight on is on a concentric so when you lift it it takes the drum away from the brake blocks at the back and onto the drive shaft. The mag is not the original and might be dead - I swapped it to get another going. The exhaust is painted as I borrowed that for another engine too. Overall it would be a nice project if anyone is able to replace or make a drive shaft.
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Couldn't get you link to work try this
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