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Originally Posted by marshall41332 View Post
Having seen pictures of the other one, one major difference is that mine has reversible combs, (just visible in the first picture,) with large steel points on... What would you want to card with these?
Just a thought, I wonder if the larger points would be used for carding coarser fibres such as horse hair? I say this because after chatting with Robin when I picked my carder up he told me that his wife who was reupholstering furniture at the time, had tried the machine on horsehair without much success; it quickly clogged and became difficult to turn. Could it be that the spacing and size of the pins on my carder was too close (sheepswool grade) and your bigger pins would have worked nicely?

I also found this image of a horsehair machine...

It does seem to have the large pins...

I love it when it works :-)
Those who lack imagination cannot imagine what is lacking....
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