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Hi Matt,
House lighting is not a concern at the moment... we are building our own house and need walls before lights.
I have reset a meter on the inverter output and will let you know some values in acouple of days. The inverters do have a network connection to my computer and can show performance data. I haven't got around to figuring out that software yet. My batteries are quite knackered but they just have to get us through each night without dropping below about 80% state of charge. A few days ago, after a week of gloomy weather, they got down to about 60% which is unacceptably low for me.
I am just working on a charging set, currently diesel powered but will be willow / wood gas powered eventually. I have a 110v ac generator that has its windings split 55v-0-55v and placed them in parallel to give me a 55v ac output. I can vary this with speed between about 40v and 60v. This willbe rectified and smoothed to provide a method of giving the batteries a full charge in the middle of winter.
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Thank you all for the replies, Martin, although it may be cheaper to import power from the grid, in our current location we have quite a few power cuts, and although I could have a battery/float charger/inverter backup, I like the idea of being off-grid, and it is something I don't mind spending money on. Rob, thanks for setting up to get figures for me, if 1800 ah of battery and solar panels is getting down to those levels of charge over a week or so, that is a bit worrying! When we moved, we kept a chest freezer on in the back of the van for the 22 hours it took to get here, using a pure sine inverter and a secondhand car battery...

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