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Default How to Register as a Member

To register on this forum the first and most important thing is to have a valid working email address. By this I mean one in which you can send and receive email. Also make sure the email which the server sends you during the registration process does not go into your spam folder as without clicking on the link in the automated email sent to you, your registration will be incomplete.
Here are a few simple steps to become a member.

1. Click REGISTER (second from left after the Downloads tab, on the upper menu bar).
2. Next Read and agree to the forum rules, tick that you have read and that you will agree by them and press Register.
3. Now fill in your Username (Preferably your own so that we know who you are) saying that I used fozzer but it's up to you. You will the need to put in a password twice, enter a valid email address twice. Enter the six letters or digits that appear in the image.
4. A date of birth is required, but us up to you whether or not you wish for it to be seen.
5. If a member of the forum as recommended you, please put their name as the referrer.
6. Click on complete registration.
7. You will then receive an email from the server with a link enclosed in it (check your spam folders). Click on this link otherwise you registration will not be complete and you’ll be unable to post.
8. After this your membership will need to be authorised by the administration but please be aware that we are not at the computer 24/7, so it may or may not authorised straight away. Sorry but this is to try to keep out the unwanted!!!

Remember that without a valid working email address your account will not be able to register fully and your username will be deleted after 28 days.

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