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Default Petter M help on carb ball bearing

Hi all need some help, iam restoring a 4 hp petter m,( basiclly same as 3hp m type)ive dismantled the carb,to clean and paint, at the atomizer end is a screw with a ball bearing in, i had to clean it out as it was blocked, and the ball was pitted, now hear is the problem, ive dropped the ball and for the life of me i can not find it, so does anyone know what size ball bearing it is, so i can find a replacement, also my other problem is that the engine was missing the flywheel keys when i brought it, also the key for the crank/mag drive sprocket is missing,does anyone know the size of these too,thanks in advance
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Unfortunately, the original Petter archive drawing doesn't specify the ball size but refers to a part list. In any case, it shouldn't be too hard to work out - it sits on the seat under the screw cap, without falling down the centre hole. It will be a "prefered size" in an imperial measurement, so 1/4", 3/16" or whatever. It's not going to be particularly critical; its purpose is as a non-return valve, so that the fuel doesn't run back to the carb, and the cylinder can't blow back to the carb.

The keys are just as simple. Just measure the keyways. Again, they are supplied in prefered sizes, and you may need to file/machine to get the finished thickness - this is not a job for the unsure/unskilled. The taper is 1:96. Keys can be bought from Tasman Industries.

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7/32 plenty on ebay
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