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Default Insert a Photo into Your Post

Remember a picture paints a thousand words, this is the method I use for getting pictures onto the various forums I am on, not the only way but the easiest I have found.

First of all you need to use a site that allows you to upload your own pictures to it. I use so here is what you need to do;

1.Go to and fill out the necessary
2. Once you have registered and you have had a look around the site you need to find the ' select photos and videos ' button.
3. Click to pop up a ' select file ' window, Desktop, My Documents for example
4. Locate the folder/file that has the pictures in the you want to upload ( it may be easier to place a shortcut of the image on your desktop to begin with as it is easier to find).
5. Click the image that you want to upload, you may see something like P7110008.JPG which is a picture of my GMC or if you have renamed it you will see that name of the image.
6. Click ' open ' to commence upload. When complete click ' save and continue to my album '.
7. You should now see your picture up on Photobucket.....well done that is a result!

Now to get the image from there to the forum follow the following steps.

1. Underneath your picture on Photobucket album you will see four boxes; the bottom one is ' IMG Code '
2. Click the ' IMG Code ' box to copy
3. Then paste the copied code into your message

These instructions were written by mh121 and updated by MartinPaff

These instructions superseded by post below.

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The above instructions have served as a useful guide on the forum for a number of years, but image hosting sites (including Photobucket) have changed and developed, and in some cases have started to charge for their services.

The general principle remains the same, but it is no longer possible for us to provide a "one size fits all" set of instructions.

Below are some hints and tips that should point you in the right direction, but unfortunately you will have to do some of the work yourself once you have decided how you would like to add photos to your posts.

There are roughly 3 ways of adding pictures:

1. Upload the pictures to your forum account "album" (everybody has one) then cut & paste the BB Code into your post - the picture will appear in the post. There is a limit to the file size and number of pictures you can store in your album.

2. "Attach" your picture to your post, using the "Manage Attachments" tool. Again there are limits, but the latest version of the forum software will automatically reduce file sizes to something appropriate - I don't know the limits...

Both of these methods involve the forum database storing your pictures, which increases the forum size and hosting costs, as well as bandwidth charges.

3. Upload your picture to a 3rd party host, either your own web site or a public photo host. There are many to chose from: picasa, photobucket, imgur, imgbb, and many more. Some charge, others don't. There is always a question about reliability; if the host disappears then your pictures will disappear from your posts.

Despite the disadvantages, a 3rd party host is preferable because it limits the forum database hosting charges (although not the bandwidth charges). It also allows you to decide what size your image appears in your forum posts (try to aim for image sizes around 768 x 1024).

To use 3rd party hosting you will need to:

1. Open an account with a host.

2. Upload your image to the host. Most have their own editing applications, so you can re-size it once uploaded.

3. Copy from the host the image link - in most cases this will be presented to you as BBCode (Bulletin Board Code). If you copy the entire code line into your forum post then the image will magically appear. The BBCode will start with "[img]" and end with "[/img]".

That is about all we can do to help - every method requires that you learn how to do it. If you are unable to master this then you will have to settle for no images in your posts.

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