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Default Stuart P5LY Carb Problems

I tried starting my P5LY yesterday by hand but it was becoming impossible. Then I tried with the drill. I noticed the spark wasn t coming all the time but with multiple turns with the drill ( spark plug unbolted to head ) the spark was constant with each compression. It then started, finally. My problem now is that the carb was leaking from two spots; from the inlet pipe, (it is not connected to a fuel tank), and from near the jet. Today, I cleaned and dismantled the carb, 14 parts in all. I sanded the needle valve to give it a new face and the dripping from the inlet is solved now. But it is still leaking from next to the jet. On each side on where the jet bolts to the carb there are 2 small holes which let air through. Fuel is leaking from there. What can it be ? Sorry for not having photos.

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Could it be the float bowl fuel level is too high, so overflowing from the two holes by the jet ?

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