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Good morning Karl, I don't know what your Lister trolley is made of, but my bet would be something like Douglas fir or pitch pine, both are relatively slow growing softwoods and can be had as clear timber, also at the time of making of your trolley both would have been cheap and readily available... A university or college with a department specialising in timber trades may be able to help, Rycotewood might be a good idea.

BB, Matt
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Judging by the amount of it found in post-WW1 buildings I don't think there was much of a shortage of availability of pitch pine in the UK. And if it was expensive then it wouldn't have been so readily used.

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Lister also had their own dedicated woodworking shop as a side-line, producing dairy equipment like wooden butter churns, as well as wooden planters and garden furniture, amongst other things. They probably had a fair few different types of wood knocking about the place?
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Definitely Pine as has been said above, I bought a lister L trolley that my AP now sits on, and that is Pine.

Ruston skids are also pine, of a similar sort.

However, it is like no so called Pine you would buy nowadays in B and Q etc. This is heavy, dark, slow growing, rather beautiful material. I have no idea what it is, but had always called it Pitch Pine. Similar to what was used in Railway sleepers and telegraph poles ? Where is a timber expert when we need one. The other thing is, being nearly 100 years old, it has hardened, and matured and taken on a life of it's own with oil impregnation.

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Pitch pine sounds right compared wth what i have left on my trolley. Well whats left of it! Its more like powder and woodworm !!
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