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I always have a Information Board though not when I first start. Userly have 2 log sheets telling public of the engine and equipment it is driving. I last polished brass on a engine about 2 years ago, I only gave up because some come along while I was doing it saying "look at this bull****" when they only had a half painted Lister D.

My dad did do the Lister A at the Kent County Show although they do not give prizies to engines anymore.

Not got round to making the Plaque board yet.

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I know this may sound a bit mean, but I always get Sandy to have a read of mine. She knows nothing about engines so if it makes sense to her then it should be ok for the public. Sad I know but a good test.

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Ideal i'll look forward to meeting you. I'll be taking the wolseley my lister shearing set and my Lh.
Cheers Dan
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i've already made info boards for my d type which is only half way thorough its resto, i dont see the point in just having you're engine chugging away whilst nobody has a clue about it! i'll take care to clean up my engine and make it look presentable and nice, but a nice engine in working clothes looks great! shame not everybody will spare the time to clean up their engine and make an info board...
Me and my D, happy as can be!
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Default Engines

I 1000% agree. Most of the general public have no idea what these coughing and wheezing engines are..
My wife does not have a clue about what they are but she loves the character of them and reads the boards if they are provided.
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I'm a keen brass polisher. If you've got it, flaunt it, I say. I'm using autosol metal polish in a tube at the moment.

I'm looking forward to doing my first rally shortly, and while I have written a good display board, I really want a suitable stand to raise the board off the ground, to put it more in people's eyeline so to speak. So that is my next project.

Peter's yellow "hi-vis" stands look brilliant, by the way.

1929 Ruston-Hornsby 6 AP, 1925 Ruston-Hornsby 5 IP, 50/75V DC General Electric Dynamo.
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