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Default Posting in the correct sections

Please can everyone just have a think BEFORE posting a new thread or replying to an existing thread?

We are moving more and more threads to their rightful home to try and keep the sections as they should be.

If you are not sure, look at what is already there to give you a guide.

Engine problems are for the 'General Issues' section, with a further breakdown into carburettors, Ignition and so on.

'Restorations' is for those serial posts that are a record of how you are doing a job, and gives others details as you proceed.

Also, don't post a 'Me Too' one-line post unless it is constructive and adds to the general thread, we have some good series articles that are 'bloated' by a huge number of small one-liners which really don't add anything to the general theme of the thread at all. Constructive comments are always welcome though.

This is not to say don't post anything, but please have a thought before you jump on the keyboard.

Thank you.

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