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Default Tools.

As with every thing else in life :- "Yer pays yer money" especially where tools are concerned!! Buy quality tools and they'll do the job they're supposed to do and last a lifetime. I bought a "Deck & Blacker" 18v battery drill recently from a reputable DIY store and the bits supplied with it were a joke. I think that they were made out of plastic sprayed silver. The screwdriver bits were the same, they're all in the scrap bucket now!!! You can't buy real quality tools without spending a lot but it's worth it in the end. I still have a set of "Bedford-Vanadium" spanners, which were "expensive" in the late 60's when I bough them and they are still in excellent condition, also a set of American "Armstrong" spanners ( the ones that came in the crates with the "Packard-Built" Merlins during the war) and they are the same. Real quality gear made to last.
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