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Cool Removing a broken screw or bolt from a blind hole

Hi Guy's,

Have you ever tried to get a broken screw out from a blind hole, I have had limited success with easyouts in fact I have found them to be anything but.

However by far the most successful way I have found is to start drilling them out with a lefthanded drill bit, most of the time the drill will bite into the screw and just wind it out. You do need to use a reversable drill though, it may also have been neccesary to soak or heat the screw first before drilling.

If it's a lefthand thread then you can use a normal drill bit (righthanded) with the drill running in the forward direction, I used this technique to remove a broken screw from a dynamo armature held in my lathe which had a left hand thread to good effect.

I have a few lefthand drill bits left from my days using a Britan lathe, although I have found them still available on the net if you google it.

Cheers, Gerry
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