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Quite common in Europe on small vans, we saw a 6-wheeler while travelling to Nuenen, being pulled by an SUV.

I'd like to have a go too, we would maybe like to make up a combined sleeper room and engine trailer for the Ruston, so the question of camping accomodation doesn't become a hassle.

we can have 3.5 tonnes behind us in the Disco, the Renaults are too small at 2 tonnes max trailer and load weight.

I reckon we could get something in about 18ft body length, but you have to watch for the overall train length which is 18M, not too difficult to keep inside that!

The biggest question is always, as Martin and others have pointed out, the steering and braking.

Firstly, turntable is the simplest, and for most folks probably the easiest if you're going to build your own.

Braking and suspension then rear their ugly head, and you cannot use Indespension units that easily with a turntable or Ackerman steering as they are trailing arm. You CAN use them, it's just more difficult.

A long drawbar gets round the sensitivity issue.

We would need effectively a 2-berth caravan and trailer rolled into one, a shower would be a MUST!

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