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Ah, now I understand...

No, mine is a simple 4-wheeled trailer.

As a matter of interest, why would you want to build an articulated (not sure of the correct term - articulated? close-coupled? drawbar? etc?) trailer? It sounds like a lot of complication, and I'm not sure what you gain.

We use a great many different pieces of equipment based on these types of trolleys, and the few that are braked use cable brakes. We tend to have them because the equipment is: very large, very heavy, and they are easy to uncouple from the tug. I call them trolleys because they tend to have small wheels (like Peter's Ruston trolley) which are unsuitable for road speeds.

One piece of equipment that I am quite familiar with, uses a standard over-run brake on the tow-bar, but the ballance bar (which converts the movement to cables) is mounted on the draw-bar. Cables then run beneath the (Ackermann) steering, to the rear wheels only.

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