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Originally Posted by enriquesacco View Post
Ok Nick. It is incomplete. But even the Pre P3 is incomplete. So should it be sold in parts for 500 lets say ?

Do note that Solsteam is selling ONLY one engine of the 3/4 he bought for 35 for 105 or more. Keep in mind this price is only for one engine. He will be making 3 x as much the money he spent and he will keep the remaining for free. Such greed he has.

He has not uttered a word since my post. Ha ha, obviously !
I'm replying now. The engine was not restorable to me as to the limit of parts left. 2 of the villiers seemed to be complete. The Mk 10 is not, nor the Petter AVA or 5 Lister Ds I have, And I am keeping all of these. Proceeds to buy parts for all the others. If anyone hasn't bought a used part to restore their engines then fair enough
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