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Default Dating engine please

Hi, i am new to Lister's so please bear with me. I got hold of three engines & looking to refurbish at least two of them "later two" but i am really confused on dating these engines. The plate markings are as bellow & told these where the dates.
But unless i am missing something i could not find these numbers on the dating sites like Can you help with this & what the LD, DH, DHR & the numbers mean.

Engine 1-----Lister 1.5HP / 750 RPM NO: 2329LD113 YEAR 1963
Engine 2-----Lister 1.5HP / 700 RPM NO: 4556DH2 Year 1952
Engine 3-----Lister 1.5 HP/ 700 RPM NO: 1/29430 Spec 28DHR Year 1949

Thank you.

PS: Also, there seems to be conflict on the last one DHR if this means revers rotation.?
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