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I have a colchester student. I think it is great. I think the bore through the spindle is 40mm so you can turn long things using 1.5" bar. I have made some nice small things on it and some heavy things too. It could do with a higher top speed for very small stuff but it copes well. I think the tailstock is morse taper 3 so you can easily get big drills to munch out material.
Screw cutting is easily set up with the gearbox on the front and the power feed in both directions is nice to have.
I have a three jaw self centring chuck, a four jaw chuck and a faceplate. The three jaw chuck is most useful and having several sets of soft jaws is good for turning to suit special jobs. The four jaw is useful but I have only used mine a few times and I have only used the faceplate once.
I have a quick change tool post which is a good feature to have. It saves a bit of time changing tools and tool height adjustment is easy.
It does have a coolant pump but I have never used it because the pipework was missing and have never felt the need to fix it. I squirt wd40 on aluminium and use a bit of rocol cutting fluid on steel.
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