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Originally Posted by Lister M View Post
Arrived at Dorset rally two days before rally to find Red 1 almost full, we are so far from the rally the seaside is the other side of the fence anyway the journey was eventful, because I have the bigger more powerful car I elected to follow Exgrenney because I had more chance to keep up with him. We set our satnavs to the same postcode, I know where I'm going and use it for detours, it was Exgreeney's first time driving.
All went well until we were halfway through Milton Keynes when Peter turned left at a roundabout, I rang him to tell him he had gone wrong so that was sorted. We stopped for a pee break at the M4 A34 junction, when we left Peter lead out but kept left and didn't go along the A34 so another phone call and 20 mins later he caught up. In Salisbury his satnav told him to do a U turn and the switched off, it was decided that I lead and I've offered to put a hammer through his Satnav
You need your eyes testing. Its not even half full. There's even space left.on the front row. ������
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