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Originally Posted by Appletop View Post
Something that some people suffer with...

Removal of Gib head keys. I made a start in making my little smoker a bit better looking today so thought I'd take a photo or 4 of how I get keys out, was a waste of time as the sodding thing fell out more or less! But here goes.

Clean key, as this one was. If your key is suffering burs or hammer abuse then get a file and trim it up till it looks "Key shape"

Slide the wedge in the gap. My wedge is a "home made" job, it is 3/8 plate and has a taper from 1/16th to 1 inch, the face is also slightly tapered to allow it to "dig in" to the key, put it in the other way round and it will just fly out.

Clamp to hold it in place. I normally use a slightly bigger clamp than this and also a packer strip on top but when I did that the picture wasn't that clear.

My other wedge, this is a direct pattern from a Claas one, I only use this after the small one has got the key moving in the first place, failure to do so and to go straight in with the bigger wedge tears the heads off.

And finally, the video...

Sorry, looks a bit easy!!!

Did exactly as above,both gib keys came out a treat,without any damage,well recommended extraction method.

1927 Crossley P60
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