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Ah sorry I didn't respond to your previous post. Indeed - a (somewhat) higher voltage rating is always OK, and the capacitance is close. Electrolytic capacitors like this have very wide tolerances - +/- 20% is typical and sometimes as much as +80% is found, so the difference between 47 and 50μF is trivial.

Although electrolytics are commonplace in almost all electronic goods - your TV might contain hundreds - they have a lot of foibles and we put up with them for the sole reason that they are the only cost-effective way to pack a large capacitance into a small case. They wear out with use but also fail if left unused for too long, dislike heat, drift, leak (electrically, but also sometimes the electrolyte physically leaks out) etc etc.

The other capacitor in this panel, LCC, is a paper-in-oil type that does not share these annoying traits. They can fail like anything else, but do not inevitably deteriorate with age like electrolytics; many are as good as new at 50 or 75 years old.
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