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I have had a response from both Stationary engine parts and Sleeman Hawkin. Unfortunately neither of them stock anything like the part I'm trying to source.

I got a reply from someone called Steve at SEP who suggested getting the coil re-wound and recommended a place called Majestic transformers in Poole.

I also got a reply from someone called Keith at Sleeman Hawkin who has put me in touch with someone that may be able to help - as of yet I've heard nothing back.

I will look for a modern alternative in the meantime and see if I can get it all going. If this works out then I'll look in to getting the coil repaired/re-wound.

Lucien, thank you again for answering my query.

In response to your last comment, yes the set DOES output and light up the halogen lamp, but obviously as soon as it does it, the light quickly dims and I have to let go of the coil.

When I first connected up the generator to the set, I hadn't connected up the FCS, so when operating LC the lamp remained on until I let go and then switch the engine off.


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