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Just reading through the bits at the end of your post, Lucien.

K1 is definitely working - I can start the set, it will get up to speed, tick over for 30 secs or so, then shut off.

The DC detection circuit also works as I can plug a 500W halogen lamp in, flick the switch and the generator will start to turn over and fire up once I move the lever (am yet to swap the rocker cover for the automatic decompressor one).

"LC4 must open before LC1 closes" From my investigations of the electrics, I believe that both LC4 and LC1 are opened/closed by the LC coil. In which case, LC4 opening before LC1 closing surely must be an instantaneous process when the coil kicks in..?

It does seem that my symptoms are somewhat similar to the last paragraph of your post. In my manually actuating the coil (Since it is open circuit), the engine quickly dies as the fuel control solenoid shuts off the fuel supply. As soon as I release the coil, fuel come back on and the engine runs back up to speed.

Will keep you all posted as soon as I hear anything from Sleeman Hawkin or SEP.


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