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Default Bamford

Quite a few years ago (well 5 or 6) I was at the Bamford Rally and bought a Bamford 2hp engine on its original trolley from one of the stall holders. The engine was a mess, having been robbed of all its small parts, including piston and rod, just leaving the main castings (hopper, base, flywheels and crankshaft). However the trolley was in good condition. I sold the engine parts at the 1000 engine rally the following year, but I kept the trolley as I had been promised a complete engine.

Fast forward to about a month ago, and I went to pick up the Bamford I had been promised. It now transpired that the deal had become the Bamford engine and 5 other engines in various states. A deal was done and the 6 engines came home with me. Here's the Bamford.....

Rather nice, isn't it, I was well pleased

Today it was lifted from the old trolley.....

.....and lowered onto the new trolley.

Now it's even better. Still a few missing bits if anyone has them on the shelf.
Looking for an original petrol tank, starting handle (1.5" shaft), and a silencer. If you have any of these items please send me a PM.

A good day.....
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