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Originally Posted by 1956ld1 View Post
Hi all,
Since my Jap 6 is starting to become my favorite engine, I have come to the decision to try reduce some of the knock by putting new conrod shell in it. L & S engineers seem to have the part at a good price but they are +010 over size? I don't want to go through have the crank reground for these but my theory is that maybe its "reground itself" over the years? If anyone has the correct diameter for the crank, it would be much appreciated if you where to share the info with me.
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The problem with a crank regrinding its self is highly unlikely and could have worn its self more than the 10 thou shells you can get and the one thing it wont be is round because of the way the engine works, if you don't have an accurate measurement of a new crank you could fit the shell into the conrod and get the bore measured accurately and then compare it with the smallest measurement found on the worn crank to see how much its got to be ground.

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