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Harty 03-12-17 12:14 AM

Hi all
Iím Ryan from Durham. Brand new to stationary engines and looking forward to learning the ropes and growing the collection.

donp 03-12-17 09:01 AM

Glad you made it Ryan, quite a few members local to you around here looking forward to seeing you about the scene.


Paul_Sterling 03-12-17 10:08 AM

Welcome to the Forum Ryan,

I've recently sent a list of engines to the SE mag for sale, so by all means send me a PM if you want a list and some info.


Robotstar5 03-12-17 10:09 AM

Hi Ryan, welcome aboard.


woodsman 03-12-17 10:33 AM

Hi Ryan.

Good luck in your quest for a project.

Hornet 6 03-12-17 11:52 AM

Welcome to the asylum :cheers:


Rookesy 03-12-17 12:57 PM

Welcome to the forum, lots of info and help on here. Look forward to seeing you at some shows

Chiefy. 28-12-17 03:13 PM

Hi Ryan,
There are loads of projects out there looking for new homes but beware it does become very addictive almost compulsive,the next thing you know you are looking to make your workshop bigger!!!.
Best Regards,

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