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miley_bob 12-10-17 12:30 PM

Riccall Christmas crankup/working day
The East Yorkshire group of the NVTEC are pleased to announce that the club will be holding a Christmas Crankup/working day. The event will be held on Saturday 30th December at Riccall (Between Selby & York). Postcode is YO19 6QR.

For anybody that used to go to the old Riccall Christmas Crankups, the field we will be using is the one which used to be used for the ploughing etc.
There is plenty of room for those that want to do a bit of ploughing, cultivating etc.

As used to be the case at Riccall, refreshments and a hot stew will be on offer in the barn (along with a space heater or 2 to thaw out with).

Entry is open to all. But you must have the relevant public liability insurance etc. No need to book, just turn up with your exhibit or for a look around and enjoy yourselves.

There will be donation buckets out on the day for charity etc.

Riccall always used to be an excellent day out and was widely regarded as the best Christmas crankup around. It is hoped that we can carry on from where the event left off when it was last held in 2007.

Windrush 12-10-17 12:47 PM

It's in the diary Mike, weather permitting we will be there. I think you are a few years out with the date of the last one though!:whistle:


Lister M 12-10-17 01:09 PM

He cant help himself Pete.

Martin P

miley_bob 12-10-17 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by Windrush (Post 397137)
It's in the diary Mike, weather permitting we will be there. I think you are a few years out with the date of the last one though!:whistle:


Now corrected.

My excuse is that I'm using my lunch break to run around posting adverts and creating a poster for the event and proof reading an article for SEM. Oh and trying to actually have some lunch

Windrush 12-10-17 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by Lister M (Post 397138)
He cant help himself Pete.

Martin P

Aye Martin, it's an age thing! Once you turn 30 the old brain slowly turns to mush, mine is on its second lap now!:embarrassed:

Thought it must be ten years ago Mike, I only attended the last one (when a flywheel came off and rolled past me!:shocked:) and then sadly it was no more...until now!!:yahoo:


andybat49 21-11-17 07:59 PM

I wiil be attending Riccall as a spectator as long as I live long enough lol.

miley_bob 29-12-17 07:05 PM

Just a reminder that this is on tomorrow. We have spent the day setting up in the barn and marking the field out etc.

martinpaff 29-12-17 07:23 PM

Sorry Mike - not going to make it; I still haven't got my car back!


Windrush 29-12-17 07:35 PM

Will miss it as well alas.:(


miley_bob 30-12-17 09:36 PM

The weather did its best to throw a spanner in the works, by dumping 20mm of rain over night. It meant that we had to hastily re-arrange the fields this morning and abandon the car parking area and just use the road side for parking, but we managed to have a very successful event.

39 engines were on show in the field, with about a dozen static tractors. There were also a few cars, Landrovers and an old Bedford Truck. We had a miniature Foden wagon turn up, a couple of full size steam engines and a lovely Wallis advance diesel roller with a National engine under the bonnet.

The working field saw a lot of use with about 10 tractors ploughing several acres throughout the day.

The heavy rain last night did make the fields a bit soft and anything 2 wheel drive had to be towed out, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Pictures from the day can be viewed at

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