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pascal22 08-07-18 04:22 PM

wire brush danger
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Hi all,

I almost did stupid things !!!

as I wanted to remove paint from a part, as I use to do, I first thought about the rotating wire brush, and I don't know why... I did not.
I took a chemical soot removal to remove the first coat of paint.
thankfully I did not brush I wouldn't have ever found this...
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If I would have brushed the splash-guard the 3 layers of paint would have gone by the same way.
I think the logo is safe:smile:


pascal22 09-07-18 11:18 AM

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Saved !
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I must now have to get an artist hand to restaure it :shocked:


Paul_Sterling 09-07-18 12:06 PM

A fantastic find Pascal, well done!


pascal22 09-07-18 12:31 PM

Yes Paul, I'm very pleased with this find

to be continued...


pascal22 09-07-18 01:36 PM

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the artist at work:smile:
it's very very difficult, I hope it will be clean
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PuttPuttBang 09-07-18 03:26 PM

Strong use of kitchen table :righton:

pascal22 09-07-18 03:42 PM

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Now, drying before correcting some details,
however I do not have to do too much, it's not a sticker.
I will also have to make a shadow around to soften the assembly logo/splash guard.
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cameltank 09-07-18 04:13 PM

The only good use of a kitchen table - after French cooking of course! - what a great find and an even better save! - a lot of effort for such a small thing some may think but thanks to the likes of you Pascal for taking the time and trouble to save it - another little piece of history saved for the future!



pascal22 09-07-18 04:46 PM

Yes Mark my favorite table it's used for everything...:smile:

many thanks Hamish,
I am especially happy not to have missed it, it's a bit of work it's true, but it's worth it


danthetangye 09-07-18 06:06 PM

I doubt that it is original Crossley fitment from the 1920s. They are still available for not much money:

Nice to save part of the engine's history though nevertheless.


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