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slatteybarn 27-09-17 09:08 PM

Moggie minor
Not a stationary engine I know but I've just aquired a 1969 4door morris minor,it was on a local facebook site and only 5 miles frm I when to have a look.the bodywork is good with very few marks and a little bubbling under the paint work on two door edges.the brakes are shot and it requires a day messing about with the welder,but it runs and all the mechanicals are in good condition,a light restoration is all it will get and should be a good car for many years.
We have had 6 other mogs in the family in the past.3 woodies,a 2door salon,a van and the one that got away and never should have.a very early pick up.


Dan_pt 27-09-17 09:15 PM

I had a 1968 Moggy 2 door. I had to put 11 panels into the underside including the centre cross member. With a strong shell I then installed the running gear from a rubber bumper MGB. It went like a rocket!


Lister M 27-09-17 09:16 PM

One has to ask, where do you keep all your stuff.
By the way how was the Somme the other weekend :whistle:

Martin P

slatteybarn 27-09-17 09:30 PM

Most of my bits are kept at Dads.which Somme? Bedford wasn't to bad but the working weekend the week before was bl##dy evil.but thats what you get for staying in a stubble field.
My van ended up with a renault 25 transaxle and a 3.5 Rover V8 in the good fun in a straight line but terrifingly shocking round corners.


Lister M 28-09-17 07:59 AM

I was told that Old Warden was a mess.

Martin P

novo 28-09-17 09:13 AM

Did you know that some of the post office Morris Minor vans
had rubber front wings ?

listerdiesel 28-09-17 09:24 AM

We had a MM van, 1100cc engine, EPL557B. We bought two, one with a good body and no MOT, one rust heap but it did have an MOT.

Strangely enough they had an identity crisis!

That little van took us to Cornwall on our first trip in 1972 when Rita was expecting Robert, and stayed with us for quite a while, before we bought a 1966 J4 Austin van off a friend who was emigrating to Australia.

The lower suspension swivels need regular greasing and an eye kept on them, they fail at the most awkward of times. Ours went on a roundabout in Crawley by the station. I had broken the other van so had a spare trunnion. Half an hour by the side of the road and we were off again.



Windrush 28-09-17 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by novo (Post 396271)
Did you know that some of the post office Morris Minor vans
had rubber front wings ?

The GPO vans were different in many ways to standard production models. Rubber wings, different wiper system/door handles/mirrors, double ended wheel nuts, no passenger seat plus other differences that I can't remember now!

My first task after being made redundant was to rebuild a Moggy van at the farm where our caravan was stored. I welded it all up inside and out, overhauled the suspension front and back, renewed all the braking system, rewired the thing and got it through the MOT. The farmers missus did one trip down to Matlock with it (1 mile each way!) and it then stood in a field unused for 9 years and has practically rotted away now. He has another older van as well, I restored that mechanically as well and got it tested but the engine is knackered so he was given a spare one which has been in my garage for a few years awaiting overhaul. However I know that if and when I do it the thing will never get used so I'm not really making it my main priority!


air-cooled 28-09-17 09:14 PM

Dad had an ex post office Morris Minor van. We bush painted it with Woolworths gloss paint in a nice mid green colour. Came with no passenger seat and Yale locks all round. I can definitely say the wings were not rubber. They crumpled just like sheet steel wings when I had an altercation with a gate post while learning to drive :whistle:


Windrush 28-09-17 10:52 PM

It was only the earlier ones that had rubber wings with high mounted headlamps and wipers that swept from the top downwards Phillip, Percy obviously had enough money to buy a later model!!:smile:


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