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listerdiesel 22-02-09 10:09 PM

Ruston 1ZHR
We've started to get the horizontal diesel ready for taking to Nuenen in May, having had it craned out of the back of the house back in December when the roof trusses were done.

There are a few jobs to be done, the biggest being sorting out some wheels for it. Nuenen is sandy and relatively soft, although well-drained, so we are trying to get some largish diameter wheels on it so it will move around OK.

The trolley has been built for 3 years or so, we just haven't had time to get it finished off, and until the crane option turned up, we had no way of getting it out, other than by stripping it right down to small pieces.

The jobs to do are:

1) Make up a cross-bar out of 1-1/4" steel square bar to go under the block, so that the engine front can be bolted down. The holes for the existing block mountings are conflicting with the sides of the trolley beams, although we could do some dog-leg studs I suppose. With only three hold-down bolts, we need to make sure that the fixings are substantial.

2) Cooling system: Just a tank, mounting and piping, nothing special.

3) Exhaust: Ditto, but I'd like a better silencer than the industrial one that came with it. We have a big JP Lister cast silencer and fittings, but it is horribly heavy and quite large. Would sound nice though!

4) Rev-Counter etc: The engine was ex-college, and had an Indicator, rev counter and thermometer. The indicator fittings are all in place, nothing is missing and the instrument itself is also with the engine. The thermometer needs a threaded boss fitting to the water pipes somewhere, we are awaiting a drawing from Ray Hooley for the part we need, but he has an access problem at the old place apparently. The rev counter is an enormous thing with a big cast pedestal and belt driven off a flat belt pulley on the crankshaft, which does limit the positioning somewhat.

5) Fuel tank: We procured a decent tank at Nuenen last year for the princely sum of 10 euros, we also have an oval Stuart-Turner tank that would do the job, although somewhat large.

That's about all, sounds fairly simple, and given time it will all be done.

Pictures to follow.


spanners1970 22-02-09 10:31 PM

hi peter

heres how my 2hr is arranged


listerdiesel 22-02-09 10:58 PM

Hey! can I pinch those wheels! :yahoo:

My trolley is shorter, but the tank will be at the back as usual. We may keep the long cylindrical Burgess exhaust and run it underneath, that would fit OK.

Then we have the electric Dyno on another trolley to go alongside....


listerdiesel 22-02-09 10:59 PM

After the nice cast starting handles from Lister, I was quite surprised to see the fabricated Ruston handles, and thought mine was homemade, but I see yours is the same.


mervyn cloake 23-02-09 01:01 AM

Gday peter,
Have you considered making a muffler pot from an old oxy gas bottle, I made one some years ago and it worked great. Another idea is to use a piece of of 150 mm pipe and put it underneath the engine and then bring the exhaust up the back somewhere ,I have done this as well.
Regards Merv.

listerdiesel 23-02-09 08:27 AM

Hi Merv:

That is what we have at present, although it is a commercial silencer. I'm going to have a wander round the local scrapyard and see what they have got.


spanners1970 23-02-09 08:52 AM

hi peter

to be honest the handle for mine is homemade lol
i am on the lookout for a proper one although it would have been supplied with 2 ,, one for each side

i may end up making one


george123 23-02-09 11:08 AM

what are the dimensions of those wheels Karl?

Its just ive found some cast wheels on a mates farm and i was thinking of usin them for my ruston 6ap. II havnt measured them yet but the ones you have there look about the right sort of size.

Also could you put bearings in the cast wheels so they run smoothly on he axle?


listerdiesel 23-02-09 11:18 AM

The other option I am looking at, is to fit a glow plug for starting, avoiding the need for the the glowing starters.


danthetangye 23-02-09 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by listerdiesel (Post 54067)
The other option I am looking at, is to fit a glow plug for starting, avoiding the need for the the glowing starters.


No need for that unless you are planning on running it in really cold temperatures... My 1ZHR starts easily on the handle on half compression even in winter, and that's only got one flywheel fitted at the moment.



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