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passerby 09-10-17 10:08 AM

Ashover festival of light 2017
I went yesterday. I had only found it on steam heritage website in the morning, so I didn't get there until 12-45. The event shut at 3. I was pleasantly surprised to see loads of Stationaries still running with only a couple of exhibits being loaded onto trailers. It was a nice event which I will make a effort to get to next year for the light show on the Saturday night. How many people on here were there?

Windrush 09-10-17 11:00 AM

You will find with that event that Sunday tends to be a 'shorter day' regarding the running of engines, Friday evening and Saturday day and evening are the times when most will be running. It is a 'light up' so after dark is when it looks at its best. I normally go just for Saturday with an engine as I have no lights etc, however this year the weekend clashed with the the Macclesfield Clubs Heaton House event near Leek which (although only a Sunday show) I enjoy so I gave Ashover a miss. I actually managed to sell a few items that were cluttering up my garage as well....and bought some more of course!:embarrassed:


passerby 09-10-17 11:45 PM

If you managed to sell some stuff. It stands to reason that you will have space, therefore, It is only natural to buy some more to fill the space

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