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nickh 09-01-14 12:17 PM

Rowland engines

Things seem to have moved on a bit since I saw one of the early models (type B I think) running at the Anson a good few years ago now. While I'm not too keen on the aesthetics of some, they do look like interesting little things to play with.


deverett 13-01-14 11:09 PM

I have owned a type D non-compression engine for a few years now. It always gets a lot of interest at the model shows I attend. Also have a set of Flame Engine castings maturing under the bench - a one day project.

Ignition has failed recently and I'm not sure whether it is the transistor or the coil that has blown. Transistors are cheaper than coils, so I will try replaceing that first. (There are only 2 parts - the transistor type TIP42c and the coil).

The Emerald Isle

nickh 13-01-14 11:21 PM

The D looks to me like what might have resulted if Gaudi designed engines!


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