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bazz 30-04-17 06:18 PM

Info on sisis bsa engin
I have a sisis two wheeled (tractor?)thingy (bit like a rotovator without the blades) powered by a bsa engine ,(stationery type) ,this unit tows a trailer unit with a seat for driver.
On this poor brief description can anbody help with info ?
Will take a few pics with my mobile but as for getting them up here im stumped

Redwing 30-04-17 06:45 PM

Hi if the name plate is still on the engine it may give you a clue to which power unit it is, otherwise do your best with some pic's.


martinpaff 30-04-17 07:52 PM

It appears SISIS have specialised in grass care for the last 80 years.
It also appears that they are still in business - wouldn't they be the best place to ask first?


dannysdriver 30-04-17 09:14 PM

Sis is
There should be a plate on the engine cowling.It maybe worth while asking the question on VHGMC forum.members there maybe able to give more info on your machine

hortimech 02-05-17 01:29 PM

Sounds like an aero-main, you will probably find that the engine is a 420cc BSA. Whilst 'Sisis' has been around for 80 years, it now belongs to Howardson, they also make Dennis mowers. They do have the documents etc, but I am not sure if any of the Sisis staff still have any involvement in the company.

Dazzla 03-05-17 12:21 PM

I've got a Sisis pedestrian roller. Curious beast. It also has a 420cc BSA engine in it. There's an alloy makers plate on the handle, but it give no detail other than the model and works number of the roller, no engine info.


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