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ian grinnell 15-08-17 07:17 PM

Tiny tim charger
Hi does anyone have any information or know where i can get any information on my tiny tim battery charger

air-cooled 15-08-17 07:55 PM

Lots of stuff on the web if you type Tiny TIm Battery Charger.

Try this


ian grinnell 15-08-17 08:55 PM

thanks for the reply

single flywheel 16-08-17 08:20 PM

tiny tim charger
hello what type of information do you need I have a information sheet which I believe was printed by BT when they used them during the 1950s.
Mike watt.

ian grinnell 16-08-17 08:56 PM

I am trying to find any information i can get as i am in the process of restoring one

woodsman 17-08-17 08:48 AM

Hi Ian,

Museum of Internal Fire has:
Tiny Tim Generating Set Instruction Book.

locknut 17-08-17 02:59 PM

Hi Ian,
I will be at the Honiton Hill rally this bank holiday weekend with one of my Tiny Tims - If you visit the rally come along and have a chat.
All the best,

locknut 18-08-17 08:02 AM

Hi Ian,
There are some useful restoration videos on youtube - search - tiny tim battery charger - and they will come up.They should help you through your restoration.
Good luck.
All the best,

ian grinnell 18-08-17 10:53 AM

hi kev will be coming to the show if you have tiny tim with you be nice to have a chat and coffee are on me yours Ian

locknut 18-08-17 06:08 PM

Hi Ian,
I will be easy to find on the engine line - I will have a twin cylinder Onan battery charger and a Tiny Tim - probably hooked up to a set of lights and a radio playing war time songs- oh and I will have a small model sherman tank on show!
Look forward to seeing you and having a chat.
All the best,

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