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Harty 03-12-17 06:38 PM

Villiers midget
I have a midget that I bought from don and Id like to get it soda blasted to remove the grime from a lifetime but not to be too aggressive.

Is this the right thing to do?
If so, does anyone know where around the north east would do it?

danthetangye 03-12-17 07:09 PM

Sounds like an expensive way to clean what is in essence a very small thing.

Try washing it off in solvent, white spirit, thinners, methylated spirits, etc, using a scotchbrite pad to remove stubborn bits.

There are many ways of cleaning, but all involve or elbow grease, or indeed both!


martinpaff 03-12-17 07:29 PM

If you're hell-bent on spending money, then I would look for someone local to you who can vapour blast - it's probably the least aggressive system that still works. Whatever you do, it will probably cost more than the engine (should have) cost.


Appletop 03-12-17 07:40 PM

Could always use a dishwasher....

Harty 03-12-17 08:37 PM

Thanks for the response guys. Il have a try with thinners and some elbow grease. Id be murdered if I used the dishwasher

air-cooled 03-12-17 08:55 PM

Rob didn't say "the" dishwasher, he said "a" dishwasher :rofl:

Welcome to the forum.


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