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tom93 04-05-15 08:55 PM

Petter A1 saw bench
Hello everyone, its been quite a while since i last posted on here but that's not to say i haven't been busy! With everything that has been going on around here i have sadly not paid much attention to the engines, and with a possible re-location on the cards things have started to get a bit manic over here, but besides that i thought i should at least share with you my latest project.

Its a 2hp petter A1 driving a circular saw bench, i spotted it on ebay last week and given that i have been thinking about building something like this for a while i decided to go for it, i have a wood burner and a rayburn in my house so i get through a lot of fire wood each year and this will make cutting the smaller logs and kindling much easier.
when i bought the set up it was on a wooden chassis which had unfortunately turned into compost and the height of the saw bench was far to low to be of any use, so i have now fabricated a new steel chassis and raised the height of the saw bench. the engine was bought as a non-runner but after a points and carb clean it was running again, it still needs a bit of fettleing to get it right though, the previous owner recons it hasnt run since 1985.

there is also a short video, i will post the link when its uploaded.


tom93 04-05-15 09:06 PM

Link to the video


The wild eye 04-05-15 09:09 PM

It looks suitably lethal .


Windrush 04-05-15 09:11 PM

Good use of an A1 Tom. I have a mechanical hacksaw and to save dragging an extension lead from the house to my garage I plan to run that from my A1, I was going to sell the engine but I might as well hang on to it and make it earn its keep!:whistle:


tom93 04-05-15 09:25 PM

thanks guys, i was thinking of making some sort of guard to cover the top 1/3rd of the blade as there is no need to have the whole thing exposed. i wasn't going to use the petter at first as i have never really had much interest in them but after tinkering with this one for a bit i have started to quite like them.


jsg1586 04-05-15 09:59 PM

My kind of engine, a workhorse A1. Good to see it in use, a personal favourite of mine.

But still, be careful with that thing, it could do some serious damage!


Trembler 05-05-15 09:58 AM

With respect Tom, that saw bench is a fatality in waiting if you intend to use it!, no top guard, no riving knife, no wooden side blocks each side the blade, no loose pulley drive kill mechanism. If you took it to a rally they would send you home.

martinpaff 05-05-15 11:27 AM

Hang on a second...

Tom - have a little look all over the old steelwork; see if you can find notches filed into it anywhere. No? No notches - no fatalities!

If he is cross-cutting it doesn't need a riving knife. The sacrificial cheek blocks won't be necessary because it will have a generous slot in the table. A guard is generally just a ruddy nuisance.

The trick is to be bloody careful. The reason it hasn't killed anybody so far is that the previous operators were bloody careful! We've become a little carried away with putting guards and covers on everything so that some half-asleep halfwit can operate it without disembowelling himself. Concentrate, pay attention to the machine and your suroundings, and never become complacent, and you will be doing what all of the previous operators did.

This is not official forum policy... :whistle:


danthetangye 05-05-15 12:27 PM

A couple of thoughts - a kill switch for the engine ignition may be a useful addition at the saw table end. I would also think that you may have issues with the drive with the tensioning idler on the drive (tension) side of the belt.

Plus a Petter A will struggle to have enough power to maintain cutting speed on a blade that size.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on if you have any fingers left... :whistle::yahoo:


Anton 05-05-15 01:06 PM

Petter A1 saw bench
you could build in this:

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