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Dan96 09-07-17 11:18 AM

Jap 55
Hi all,
I've acquired a jap model 55 off my dad. I know very little about it, after a quick search on here nothing much about them comes up. I know it's a vertical twin, was used as a joining machine. I've purchased some sort of manual off ebay but that's about it. It has a non original air filter and exhaust and fuel tank from what I can tell as well.
Does anyone have any links or help I can use please?

listerdiesel 09-07-17 11:37 AM


Dan96 09-07-17 04:16 PM

thanks, i have bought one of those. are there any information links with pictures maybe of them in use, restored models on here, or online that anyone knows of?

cameltank 11-07-17 11:21 AM

Hello Dan,

I missed a chance a few years back to get one but had a couple of links saved...

This one was good for pictures only - no real tech help on paper. But pictures are HD so you can zoom in for detail

This link takes you to a thread on Smokstak where they discuss many aspects of finding spares etc - and other links to spares suppliers etc.

Keep us informed of how you get on!



Dan96 13-07-17 10:12 PM

Thanks hamish. "get your hands on one" are there not many left now? I'm completely new to stationary engines apart from vintage shows when I was a child wondering around with my dad, but finding info on them isn't easy.
The second link is the same as the first? The the first one at least has pictures of one I haven't seen before.

Anyway I've taken the cowls and covers off and started to clean it up a bit. It runs fine but as I mentioned already there's a few non original parts on it. Sanding and a coat of paint for now. Once I figure out adding pictures I'll do so

Appletop 14-07-17 06:35 AM

Nice to see that the smaller air cooled engines are finally getting the credit they deserve. A lot of people will look down on them as rubbish because they are not water cooled or don't have much in the way of interest but they are still a good starting point and worthy of shed space.

listerdiesel 14-07-17 08:17 AM

I had a couple of 55's some years back, nice engines but I had nothing to drive with them and so passed them on.

Both ex-MOD winch engines.


gaudin98 21-07-17 09:02 AM

Were fitted on Massey Harris combines at one time. I had one on a genny. You needed deep pockets to keep up with the fuel consumption.

Appletop 21-07-17 12:28 PM

Don't remember them on a combine but they were fitted to balers.

Dan96 01-08-17 11:27 PM

well, it's having a bit of a cosmetic upgrade at the moment.. it runs fine from what i know, just looks a bit tatty, so will give it a lick of paint and see if i cant get it to one of the shows coming up.
Thanks for the help

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