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Old Lister D 21-12-17 04:35 PM

Dating and info needed
Peter, I believe you have lots of information on Stuart Turner engines, you may or may not know I have 5 Stuart Turners, mostly generator sets, I do have some information on most of them but would really like to be able to confirm or add to the data I have.
If I list them would you have time to let me know what information you hold on the please.
This would be appreciated as I like to add as much factual info I can to my notice boards.
Thanks in anticipation.

listerdiesel 21-12-17 04:58 PM

Sure, no problem, books are at work, so I can't look them up in the evenings.


Old Lister D 21-12-17 09:01 PM

Thank you Peter.

P3 230v ac genset No 38590

P5 230v ac genset No 15917

P4 50v dc genset No 13349

P2 12v dc genset No 38583

R3 pump set No 30447

Thanks again.

listerdiesel 21-12-17 09:56 PM

I'll check tomorrow, but a coarse dating would place these as follows@

P3 230v ac genset No 38590 January 1951

P5 230v ac genset No 15917 May 1953

P4 50v dc genset No 13349 Jan/Feb 1946

P2 12v dc genset No 38583 Same as above, January 1951

R3 pump set No 30447 March / April 1936

I'll check the books in detail tomorrow at work.


listerdiesel 22-12-17 02:04 PM

13349 sold to S W Bligh on the 9th January 1946. Sold to replace P4 engine No8534. Lucas N10 magneto, "Flywheel end start". No service notes.

15917 sold on 30th April 1953 to Eliston & Eliston, P5 genny set, rad cooled, BKB alternator No 7252/2, switchboard No 8724. No service notes.

30447 sold on 17th October 1935 to J A Davies. Wico WB magneto No 963, switchboard No 1113, dynamo L&C No 41X817.
Service info: Expansion chamber 2nd October 1936, overhauled 20th November 1952, Miller magneto 2nd March 1955.

38583 sold to F G Meakes 30th August 1956, R2Y marine charging plant. Dynamo L&C 82P454 switchboard 10049. No service data.

38590 sold 17th October 1956, R3 genny set. Petrol/TVO, BKB alternator B33722, switchboard 10064. No service records.

There is a big variation between the book start and finish numbers and the dates they contain!


Old Lister D 23-12-17 10:09 AM

Thank you so much Peter, That information is great, I can now update the engine notices to reflect this additional information.
Very much appreciated. :righton:

listerdiesel 23-12-17 11:29 AM

38590 hasn't got the customer's name, I'll correct that as soon as I am back in the factory.


Old Lister D 26-12-17 08:19 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Could you possibly check the info on the pump set, R3 30447 please, as the information I have says it was used on a pleasure craft master boat to pump water out of the hire boats on a lake, and there are no signs of it ever been a generator set.

Attachment 24070

Attachment 24071

listerdiesel 28-12-17 10:48 AM

38590 was sold to C H Gregory.

30447 information is definitely correct, but there are handwritten changes to the book which may be relevant.

30444 is an R2 pump set. 30445 is renumbered 30446, also a genny, 30445 is over the page as an R3MC, 30447 is an R3 genny, 30448 ditto, 30449 is also a generator, an R3Y.


Old Lister D 28-12-17 05:57 PM

Thank you again Peter.
Seems a little strange the data on 30447, I suppose will never find out why there is a discrepancy between the written data and the actual pump set, Might try plugging a bulb in to see if it lights :whistle:

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