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2010macjac 07-12-15 09:36 PM

Model listers
Is there anywhere to buy off the shelf or kit form model lister engines? I have googled it a few time now and keep drawing a blank. However I can't believe there is not a model lister d on the market.

I would like a D type or a A type if possible
Thanks in advance

Headless 07-12-15 09:44 PM

The engineers emporium do a Lister A look a like.

2010macjac 07-12-15 10:25 PM

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Thanks headless but I haven't made myself clear on what I was looking for. Something more like this

skankin_giant 07-12-15 10:44 PM

There is the odd model railway size model that comes up from time to time on eBay, think it's something like a Lister L.

Yea L

Cheers, Steve

danthetangye 07-12-15 10:52 PM

Can't get a Lister L anywhere else for a tenner...


2010macjac 07-12-15 11:35 PM

That's more like it thanks chaps.

Still find it odd there is no lister D? You would think it would be a great seller

Windrush 07-12-15 11:49 PM

There certainly was a D Type model kit produced made from white metal, there is a pic of it in the earler versions of the Lister D history. Last one that I saw for sale was on a stall for a tenner.


Dazzla 08-12-15 10:04 AM

There was little D, an ingeco and a Wolseley WD in white metal kit form. I bought mine in 1991, so recent'ish! The D and WD are about 2" tall.

Can't recall who did them, but David Edgington was involved I think. A built D and Ingeco appeared on eBay earlier this year and sold for about 50 each. Somebody posted a link on here but I can't find it now.


fowlerfan 08-12-15 11:35 AM

I have the same models presents around the same era !! All were from Scaledown Models which I believe is now ModelTractorCo. They were reasonable quality white metal castings but did require a bit of cleaning up and filling of joints. They turned out quite nice and sit on my shelves to this day. I won't be parting with these as they are sentimental and too nice!

I will post up a photo later.

Windrush 08-12-15 12:54 PM

Just looked inmy book, Brian Parks produced a 1/15th scale white metal model 21/2" high on its trolley.


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