Lister 5/1 Diesel

Wipac A Series Magneto Application Chart

Stationary Engine Chart No 1

Stationary Engine Applications - Wipac A series magnetos

Manufacturer Specification Application Manufacturer Specification Application
Allis Chalmers A1228HZ B, RC, WC & WF John Deere A1239HZ B, BN, BW to No 89999
Atco A578CZ 24" Mower pre 1941 John Deere A1239HZ BR, BO to No 331499
Atco " " JAP 350cc 28" X 24" 1945 on John Deere A1239HZ D No 130700 onwards
Atco A811BZ JAP 600cc 30" X 36" pre 1941 John Deere A1239HZ G No G1000 onwards
Atco A904BZ With taper shaft adaptor magneto John Deere A1240HZ A, AN, AW No 488000 onwards
Bamfords A812BZ EV3, EV4, EV5, SV1, SV2, SV3 John Deere A1240HZ AR, AO 258800 onwards
Brit A1775DZ Type 12/55 (Magister) John Deere A1240HZ B, BN, BW No 90000 onwards
Brit A1793HZ Type 12/55 (Standard) John Deere A1240HZ BR, BO No 331500 onwards
Brit A1821HZ Sprite 10hp Twin Marine John Deere A1240HZ H, HN No H1000 onwards
BSA A1709BZ Industrial 420cc Engine Dennis Bros A603BZ Mowers Z7-24, Z9-30, Z9-36
Caterpillar A1233HZ D2 & D4 Dennis Bros A1808BZ Premier Mower E1503
Caterpillar A1235HZ D6 (6 cyl models, CW) Dennis Bros A1808BZ Single Cyl engines 103962A on
Caterpillar A1236HZ D7 (late) 7M No1 upwards Dorman A908BZ Model 1AB
Caterpillar A1305HZ D8 & others ** Douglas A905BZ Douglas Truck
Coventry Victor A1315HZ Model N twin cyl, N Mk1 *** East Rubber Co A882BZ Repl: Lister w/c Chain driven CCW
Coventry Victor A1328HZ Not Given East Rubber Co A886BZ Repl: Lister w/c Chain driven CW
Coventry Victor A1349HZ Neptune Engine Ford A1243HZ Fordson Tractor
Coventry Victor A1355HZ N Mk II Engine Thomas Green A580BZ Type GLM (JAP 250cc 14" - 24")
Coventry Victor A1794HZ Neptune Engine Thomas Green A580BZ Type GLM (JAP 500cc 30" 36")
Coventry Victor A1795HZ N Mk II Standard Hardman & Hall A1404HZ Not Given (Australia)
Coventry Victor A1799HZ N Mk II Screened Hedengren A1356HZ Not Given (Finland)
Coventry Victor A1800HZ Midget Engine Standard International A1357HZ 1-4, 1-6, 1-9
Coventry Victor A1811HZ K Engine Screened International A1357HZ McCormick W-4, W-6
Coventry Victor A1825HZ K Engine Standard International A1357HZ McC Tractractor, T-6, T-9, T-14
John Deere A1239HZ A, AN, AW to No 487999 International A1357HZ Farmall A, AV, R, H, HM
John Deere A1239HZ AR & AO to No 258799 International A1357HZ All with flange mount CCW mags

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** When base mounted and operated in normal position *** Air and water cooled models

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