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Ward Capstan Lathes - No.16C Combination Turret Lathe

Into the larger stuff, the No.16C Combination Lathe had all the features of the smaller turret lathes, but now a much higher centre height of 19" and a capacity though the headstock of 8½". The gearbox was all roller and ball bearing construction, and covered bed slides were standard. Hydraulic clutch operation and powered traverses (cross slide and both saddles) assisted the operator, together with 16 speeds in either direction from the gearbox.

Ward No.16 Combination Turret Lathe

48 reversible feeds to both saddles were standard, and the covered bed was fitted with stainless steel covers. Pumped gearbox lubrication was another feature mentioned in the factory literature. This is the largest Turret lathe (as opposed to a Capstan) that the company offered in this series at the time (1940's)

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