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We have become inundated with machinery over the past 12 months or so, and a programme of reorganisation was begun, coupled with a project to roof over the small piece of land alongside the workshop. While this was all going on, we had a lot of stuff stored all over the floor and racks which was quite untidy, but we could at least find most of it !

A guided tour round the picture: At the far back is the large floor-mounted Elliott pillar drill, capacity 1.25" in steel, with the smaller Taiwanese 1/2" drill on the floor beside it. The smaller drill was one of a pair which were rescued from the outside yard of one of our suppliers, the second one has been given to Jim French.

The top right hand side has the mains distribution swithboard for the building, with a grass rake alongside (not used much at home, we haven't got any grass! The Ward 2A is in the front left foreground, one of the axles for the Ruston-Hornsby sits in the vice at the main bench. The cardboard boxes on the floor contain the Villiers spares (there are 9 boxes in all) with a new Red petrol tank standing out, and the boxes on the racks hold electronic components, mainly resistors and capacitors for the company.

The red wheel that shows between the two drills is the cutting wheel from one of our Chaff Cutters, the metal stock is fairly obvious on the left, the box with the two vertical arrows is the container for some of the Lister stuff going to the USA. There is a large amount of timber up under the drills, as the guy next door is converting a factory into a home and we are getting lots of useful off-cuts from him.

There is a large quantity of square metal tubing up on the rack by the big drill, this is a vendors stall that we bought some years ago, and it is waiting to be sold, the two dark grey objects in front of the smaller pillar drill are a couple of loose tool holders,carry-alls.

The workshop runs left by another 18 feet or so, mainly occupied by the racks and other stuff.

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