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Ward 1A Rebuild - Page 1

After getting one of the Ward 2A lathes running (although still needing a bit of work) we turned our attentions to the Ward 1A lathe which had been languishing under sheets outside for a good year or so, with the more delicate parts being stored inside. We had bought one lathe from a chap in Cornwall, near to St Agnes, and a series of parts of a 1A from the local tip at Kettering. Between the two sets of parts we ended up with two front saddles, two rear turrets and saddles and other spares such as the missing saddle stop shaft support bracket and a four-way front toolpost. The following pages detail the work as it progresses.

Ward1A Bed

The bed of the Ward 1A with the turret saddle resting on the back end. The rotating endstop shaft is in place on the front of the bed after cleaning up.
The bed is shorter than a Raglan Littlejohn lathe but is more strongly constructed. It looks quite small here, but the large base containing the gearbox
has to be added, plus the apron/tray and the headstock etc etc. The short rack in the middle of the front of the bed is for the saddle movement.

The front saddle stop shaft before cleaning up. This was one of the better preserved pieces! The right hand mounting was missing,
but we were lucky to be told of a similar machine at a local tip, from which we obtained a spare front saddle and rear turret etc.
The right hand mounting contains the indexing detent ball and spring so it pretty necessary.

The rear turret saddle resting on the main bed while we check clearances and condition of the slides etc.
Despite many years outside and being covered in coaldust, the bed and parts were in quite good condition.
The lever and knob in the centre are the turret indexing catch and release. There is no power to the turret
feed as on the 2A. The operator's handle and pivot goes in the large front hole with two fixing bolts, this drives
a gear which meshes with the underside of the turret carriage. Adjustable gib strips are fitted on both sides of
the turret slide faces.

Top view of the tool turret, without the tool retaining plungers which go in the holes on the top face.
The inspection stamp and date can be seen of the bottom left hand corner of the top face. Close-up shot below.

"Ward Test Department 1953" stamp mark and Inspector No9 markings.

Turret operating capstan handle with spokes unscrewed and laying underneath. The capstan turret drive gear
is free-floating on the broached end of the shaft. Note the 'persuader' just on the right of the frame!

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