Lister 5/1 Diesel


Sibley Vertical Drill

An old drill that was recently transported for a friend.

The drill outside its new owners workshop

The drill maker's label

The drill's round table, the height adjustment of the
table is by the hexagon headed shaft with the bevel gearing.

The top of the drill, showing (left to right) bevel gearing to the quill,
flat belt drive (3-speeds) to the power down feed, back gearing and
last, the belt pulleys for drive from the base.

The drill base with the flat-belt drive.

The power and hand feed mechanisms, some of which seem to have bits missing. Options are:
hand feed by the wheel and worm gearing, direct hand feed by the lever or ratchet, and power feed.

The drill base from the other side.

The drill top from the other side, our van and trailer in the driveway.

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