Lister 5/1 Diesel

Trailer Building

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Finishing off and some trip shots

After we had used our trailer in its initial mode of a bare chassis with baulks of timber to carry things on, we went to the next stage of flooring it properly and getting the folding tailgate sorted out. This took a few bouts of head-scratching and a spell on the CAD system, but we ended up with a reasonably convenient design that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to build onto what we already had.

Trailer Ready for Decking

A side shot of the trailer just before the Ali checker plate was fitted. The chassis extension which was done later, put an 18" piece in the chassis behind the rear most axle. All of the original decking was re-used, but the timber was replaced with thicker material which was rebated to sit inside the openings in the chassis. It was also varnished as was the original. After a couple of years the original timber was dirty but undamaged and could have been re-used.

Trailer decking

Putting the new decking on during the second rebuild after the chassis had been extended and the new tailgate had been made. The old one was kept, just in case! The extra 18" is all in the section behind the rear axle, so only the rear frame had to be extended.

Trailer Stop in Spain

Stopping at a motor way halt in between Bilbao and Santander in northern Spain on the way to catch the ferry. Philip and Rita organise some eats, the trailer has the Diter 15hp diesel loaded on it. This was the configuration that came out of the previous pictures and text. The vertical tailgate with checker-plate floor and the original shorter chassis.

Trailer Stop in Spain

The trailer at the campsite in Quartiera, Portugal, note the gum trees! For some reason Eucalyptus flourishes in Portugal and to a lesser extent in Spain. The trailer has the Lister VA (RH) and the 3/1 (LH) already loaded for the trip home. The Petter AV1 was collected from Faro on the way home later that day. The double thickness frame just behind the rear axle can be seen, this was an overlapping piece of reinforcing where the inserted 18" of frame was welded in.

Trailer Stop in Spain 2

Stopping on a mountain road in mid Spain on the second trip. The trailer has three engines, a Lister VA, Lister 3/1 and a Petter AV1, all diesels. The van is a year old all but a week or so, and the following morning was to blow its engine up in a big way after a 10-hour trip the day the pic was taken. We traveled from Faro in Portugal to almost Logrono in northern Spain when the engine failed. The trailer is the current configuration with open and shorter tailgate, suspended lighting board and extended chassis.

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