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Boulton & Paul Generator & Engine - Page 7

These are pictures from a set of books called 'The Electrical Educator', edited by Sir Ambrose Fleming. The article discusses a home lighting and power plant, using the set shown below. There are installation drawings in the book as well, but I have not scanned them to save space.

The basic engine and generator on its base. It was a 1.5kW set running at 1000 rpm, the four-stroke engine developing 3bhp. The engine is petrol/paraffin, the vaporiser being the large lump around the inlet port on the left/far side. Boulton & Paul were a Norwich based company, who became involved in aircraft production and later became part of the Burt, Boulton & paul Group, specialists in timber.

Cross-section of the whole set. One unusual feature is the cam followers, which are very close in design to the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, especially the mounting of the pivot box etc.

Picture of the barrel and piston. Note the combined oiling/priming cup and decompressor on the top left hand side. The piston size is not quoted in the article, but a Boulton & Paul cement mixer engine is listed in the early 1950's with a CI piston and 3¼" bore.

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