Lister 5/1 Diesel

Early Switchboard Parts

Page 5 - Switchgear

A 3-pole DC or AC switch, fitted for single circuit on/off.
Base is 120mm by 200mm, rating is 30A.

Close-up of the quick-break mechanism.
No required for AC circuits, but most switches we have are so fitted.

Bit of a brute this one, fitted up for AC only as no quick-breaks are fitted.
This one is a change-over switch with pilot contacts fitted.

Another view of the same switch with the contacts closed.
Base is 190mm X 190mm, rating is 60A

Straight change-over AC 3-pole switch.
Base is 170mm X 220mm, rating is 80A.

Same as above, but with the contacts in the second position.

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