Lister 5/1 Diesel

Early Switchboard Parts

Page 4 - Switchboard Meters

Got these two and the following two at an engine show. The vendor didn't have a clue where they were from, just part of a demolition job.
Made by record, they are called CIRSCALE and all carry the date of 1970.
The scale suggests a 50V battery installation, probably telephones or something along those lines.

Description as above. The one saving grace about this set is that they all have their retaining clamps except one.
Flush panel mounting, body diameter 6-1/4" flange diameter 6-3/4" diameter.
Probably one of the last conventional ranges made before DIN meters arrived.

This is an English Electric set of four meters out of a battery set for standby.
All are dated 1954, all are DC reading. This one is the main battery volts meter.
Body is pressed steel, diameter 6-1/4" Rear Flange 7-1/4" Front panel Mounting.

This one is probably the main discharge meter.
External shunt is required for this one 75mV to 300A.

This one is probably the standing load circuit meter.
This one is probably direct reading with no external shunt.

This one is probably the incoming charge meter.
External shunt required 75mV to 50A

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