Lister 5/1 Diesel

Early Switchboard Parts

Page 3 - Switchboard Meters

Erskine Heap & Co., 1953 with WD Broadarrow. Not marked AC but the non linear scale suggests it may be, see below.
Front of panel mounting, cast front, pressed steel back, 6-5/8" body, 8" back. Marked "First Grade"

Generally as above, came from the same installation probably, 0-350A.
The scale is also slightly non-linear but that may be due to shunt resistance changing with loading.

Austinlite meter, one of a pair from a GPO standby generator set installed at telephone repeater stations in the 1940's and 40's.
Cast bodies, very nicely made but silvered dials play havoc with camera!

As above, these were for monitoring the charge into the 24V batteries for the exchange genset starter batteries.
Flush mounting, 8" flange diameter, 6-1/4" body diameter.

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